What is the getSoapy customer portal?

The getSoapy customer portal provides your customers a place to view their jobs, invoices, balance, make payments, and exchange messages with you.

How do customers access the customer portal?

There are several ways customers can access the customer portal:

Secure links in SMS and email notifications
Some message templates include a link to the customer portal. Using this method, the customer does not need to enter their details or portal pin. You can edit message templates to include this link or add it to a message manually using Link tags.
Your getSoapy website
If you have set up your free getSoapy website, customers can login into the portal from the customer portal page.
The customer portal widget on your own website
If you've added the customer portal widget to your own website, customers can login to the portal from whichever page(s) you've added it to.

What does a customer need to login to the portal?

If a customer clicks the portal link from a getSoapy SMS or email notification, no login is required.

If a customer is accessing the portal from your getSoapy website, they'll need to click select Customer Portal or the customer portal icon (depending on your website theme) from the main menu.

Customer portal icon

To login to the portal, a customer will need to enter either their phone number or email address. This must match the phone number or email address you have entered for them in getSoapy.

They can then choose between:

  • Send me a link or pin
  • I have a pin number

Customer portal login

What do customers see in the portal?

You can see exactly what each customer sees in the portal from the customer menu. Go to Manage > Customers and select a customer. Click the menu icon in the top-right corner and select View customer portal.