Marketplace FAQs

How do I purchase leads?
Simply browse the nearby leads available in the marketplace (Plan > Leads). If you see a lead which fits your round, click Purchase.
What if there are no leads available?
If there are no leads available you may wish to use lead generation.
How do I sell a lead?
If you've received a quote using the getSoapy quoting tools but it's not a job you'd like to take, you can offer it for sale as a lead in the marketplace.
Simply select Sell lead on the quote details page.
This option may not be available, for example if you've already provided an estimate to the customer.
What happens when I sell a lead?
When you sell a lead it will be available for other businesses to purchase in the marketplace. If another business purchases the lead you will receive lead credits in your account which you can use to purchase other leads.
How many credits will I receive for selling a lead?
We use an algorithm to calculate the value of a lead based on a number of factors, including the type of job, how often the customer wants the job done, and the size of the property. You will receive the value of the lead in credits, minus a 20% marketplace fee, which you can use to purchase other leads.