How do I communicate with customers?

Here's the best part - getSoapy can take care of contacting customers for you! You can also send your own message via the customer portal or send a broadcast to multiple customers.

Automatic messages/notifications

getSoapy can send automatic SMS and email messages to your customers when:

  • they request a quote
  • you send them a quote (estimate or cost breakdown)
  • you send them a message about their quote
  • you add them as a new customer (welcome message)
  • their job has been scheduled
  • their job due week is updated
  • their job is due today
  • their job is due tomorrow
  • their job is marked as done
  • their job was skipped
  • you send them a message
  • they request a new portal link or PIN
  • their invoice is overdue

To select which messages are sent automatically, see How do I change automatic customer notifications?

You can also customise the message template used for each notification (see How do I customise message templates?).

Send your own message via the customer portal

To send your own message, go to the Messages tab on the customer page. You can write your own message, use the AI assistant to improve a message, or send a saved message.

If the "Message sent" notification type is enabled, the customer will receive an SMS and/or email message telling them they've been sent a message in the customer portal. Email messages (if enabled) will also include a link to the portal.

Customer messages

Write your own message

Enter your message and click Reply.

Use the AI assistant to improve a message

Why not let the AI assistant help you improve a message? Enter a brief message (for example, try "thanks for being a great customer") and click AI > Refine message or Expand message and see what it comes up with.

AI message assistant

You'll see it adds a personal touch with a professional voice - the perfect assistant for when you're in a hurry!

Saved messages

When you or your AI assistant have crafted the perfect message, click Saved > + Save reply to be able to use it again.

AI message assistant

The time you go to send a message, click the Saved icon to insert the saved message.

To clean up your saved messages, click Saved > Manage saved. Here you can delete saved messages.