How do I edit an invoice?

If you need to charge a customer a different amount, it's best to adjust the price of the job, or make a one-time invoice adjustment when scheduling the job or when marking it as done (see How do I adjust the price of a job?).

However, it's possible to edit or even delete an invoice after it's been generated and sent to the customer.

  1. Select the customer from Manage > Customers.

  1. Select the Finances tab and locate the invoice you want to edit (the most recent invoices are at the top).

  2. Click on the menu icon to the right-hand side of the invoice and select Edit invoice.

Invoice menu

  1. The current invoice items and price will be displayed. From here you can:
  • click the menu icon in the top-right corner to edit or remove a category and its items
  • click the edit icon next to an item to change the name, description, price, and quantity of the item (remember to click Update to save) or remove the item
  • click + Add items to add additional items under the same category
  • click Add a category to add another category and associated items

Editing an invoice

  1. Click Save in the top-right corner to update the invoice.