Expense Tracking Software for Local Service Businesses

Effortlessly organise and store receipts.
Let AI automate your expense tracking.

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Quick and Easy Expense Tracking

Running a small business is a tough job, especially when it comes to keeping up with pesky receipts and confusing expenses. But getSoapy is here to lend a helping hand.

With our smart expense tracking feature, it's easy to keep an eye on every business expense. No more long hours spent sifting through stacks of receipts or trying to remember what you spent on fuel last week. With getSoapy, it's all neatly organized and right at your fingertips.

Just bought something in a shop? Snap a picture and our AI will extract the key details for you.

Bought something online? Upload a PDF of the receipt and our AI will do the rest.

Store images of all receipts
Automatically categorize your expenses
Use AI to extract details from receipts

Minimize Your Tax Bill

No one likes to pay more than they need to in tax.
With getSoapy, you can make sure every single penny is accounted for.

Stop worrying about missed deductions or lost expenses, getSoapy helps you keep track of everything.
Minimizing your tax bill has never been this easy!

You can easily export all your expenses for the week, month, year, or all time.
All nearly organised in categories, ready for your end of year tax report.

Manage tax deductions efficiently
Never lose track of any expense
Simplified tax report generation

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I export my expense data for my accountant?

Yes, you can export your expense data as a CSV file.

What if the AI makes a mistake in extracting the details from a receipt?

You can easily edit any details manually if the AI makes a mistake.

What happens if I lose a physical receipt after capturing it with the app?

All your receipts are securely stored in the cloud, so you can always refer back to it.

How do I track my business expenses on the app?

Just input your expenses manually or upload a photo of the receipt, getSoapy will do the rest.

Can I group my expenses into different categories?

Yes, you can group your expenses into different accounts and categories. You can create as many as you need.

How does the image receipt feature work?

Simply snap a photo of your receipt, and the app will store the image and extract the relevant expense details.

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