About getSoapy

In 2020, amidst the quiet of lockdown, getSoapy was born. Malcolm, alongside his wife in Edinburgh, decided it was time to turn a long-held dream into reality. With a background in helping small businesses grow through technology, Malcolm saw an opportunity. He knew the struggles of small businesses, caught between basic tools and high-cost software, and aimed to bridge that gap.

getSoapy was his solution, offering powerful yet simple tools tailored for the local service industry in the UK. From window cleaners to dog walkers, getSoapy's mission is to help small service businesses launch and manage their operations effortlessly and affordably.

Who is behind getSopay?

Malcolm's journey began in the tech world, crafting websites and bespoke software for diverse businesses. His experience spans from aiding startups to working on complex projects for larger corporations.

However, his heart always leaned towards the unique challenges and rewards of assisting small businesses. This passion is the cornerstone of getSoapy, reflecting Malcolm's desire to democratise access to enterprise-grade tools for small business owners, making their startup journey smoother and more accessible.

Why did I start getSoapy?

The inspiration for getSoapy struck closer to home than one might think. A friend, a window cleaner in need of a contactless payment solution, reached out to Malcolm. What started as a simple website to accept card payments evolved into a comprehensive platform managing customer balances and more.

This practical, hands-on approach to solving a friend's business challenge laid the foundation for getSoapy. It exemplifies the essence of the service - practical, straightforward solutions for everyday business needs.

By focusing on simple, effective, and affordable tools, getSoapy aims to remove the barriers to entry for aspiring entrepreneurs. Whether you're a window cleaner, a gardener, a domestic cleaner, a dog walker, or a gutter cleaner - getSoapy is here to help you start, run, and grow your business with ease.