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Grow your gardening business with getSoapy - your go-to gardening companion app.

Operating a gardening business involves loads of challenges. From finding new customers, to organizing tasks and managing customer relations and finances, your plate is always full.

Enter getSoapy, ready to streamline every part of your business - and you can begin for FREE!

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Why use getSoapy?

getSoapy is the gardening app that delivers an all-in-one solution for all your gardening business needs.

To grow your business swiftly and effectively while also cutting costs, consider trying getSoapy.

Across the UK, gardening professionals turn to getSoapy to address the everyday obstacles they encounter.

Equipped with an array of tools from billing to scheduling, notifications, and more, it enables you to significantly reduce time spent on admin tasks - allowing you to accomplish more with fewer resources.

Cut back on admin time each month!
Handle payments with ease!
Get the info you need right when you need it!
See your customer, job, and invoice info all in one spot!
Manage your tasks and team easily!

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getSoapy Features You'll Love

The getSoapy gardening management software simplifies your operations by offering a comprehensive suite of essential features:

Seamless Payment Processing
Process payments effortlessly with options for Direct Debits and automatic card transactions.
Client Management
Streamline client interactions through an intuitive customer portal.
Work Scheduling
Organize your jobs and optimize your schedule with ease.
Comprehensive Website Solution
Includes a fully functional website equipped with various widgets for quotes, payments, and client management. Alternatively, integrate our widgets into your existing site.
Efficient Expense Management
Simplify your expense tracking with getSoapy's automated receipt logging.
Loyalty Cards
Reward your customers with loyalty cards and keep them coming back.

getSoapy is designed to automate your gardening business processes, minimizing administrative work and maximizing time savings.

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Problems getSoapy solves for your Gardening Business

With the getSoapy gardening management software, you can address all these frequent challenges you encounter every day:

Streamlining Job Scheduling
Struggling to plan your tasks and work productively? getSoapy enables you to organize entire weeks in moments.
Simplifying Expense Tracking
Keeping tabs on expenses and receipts can be tedious. getSoapy simplifies it by offering a comprehensive financial overview.
Automating Payment Collection
Following up on payments consumes valuable time. With getSoapy, automate charges through card, mobile, or Direct Debit and stay updated effortlessly.
Establishing a Web Presence
Gone are the days of hiring a designer for your website. Receive a free, optimized website ready for use.
Minimizing Administrative Tasks
Leave behind the hassle of manual note-taking - our Customer Portal streamlines admin tasks and enhances client satisfaction.
Gain More Customers
Make it easier than ever for customers to join your business with the quote widget.
Automating Documentation
Overwhelmed by paperwork? Let getSoapy automate your documentation processes.
Efficiently Managing Tasks
Many gardeners lose time organizing their tasks. With getSoapy, plan your daily and weekly tasks with simplicity.
Never loose a customer
Reward your customers with loyalty cards and keep them coming back.

getSoapy truly is the essential gardening management app for your business. It handles all your needs, allowing you to save time and concentrate on business growth.

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How It Works

getSoapy is tailored to equip you with all the essentials for managing your gardening business with greater efficiency.

Explore how this gardening management software can transform the way you oversee your operations.

1. Register Complete Free
Access a wide array of our features through the free plan, along with minimal fees on payment processing.
2. Create Your Professional Website
Setup your free website effortlessly. Select a layout, upload visuals and text, and you're set to launch.
Experience a swift and secure site that delivers an exceptional user journey. It's loaded with prime features such as payments, estimates, and more via the customer portal.
If you're already equipped with a site, you can enhance it by integrating our tools!
3. Add Your Customers
If you've already got customers in another app or spreadsheet, you can move them over to getSoapy quickly and easily.
4. Get Paid
Registering for card payments and Direct Debits along with Apple Pay and Google Pay takes moments. getSoapy automates the billing process and monitors client transactions on your behalf.
5. Streamline Your Operations
Beyond the features mentioned, getSoapy is brimming with capabilities to automate your business processes, liberating your schedule.
Expense monitoring is straightforward and swift, and thanks to secure and effortless client management, you can oversee all pending tasks and payments in a secure and uncomplicated manner, conserving countless hours.

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Experience the getSoapy Difference

getSoapy transforms your gardening business with its comprehensive suite of tools. No matter your location or the scale of your operations, it simplifies your workflow.

Explore how our platform can streamline your gardening services, allowing you to focus on growth while saving both time and resources.

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If you visist customers and take payments, getSoapy is for you. Find out how getSoapy can help your local service business.

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