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getSoapy is your ultimate tool for easy and secure customer management. Store all your customer data safely while keeping a close eye on every upcoming job and every payment made.
It's simple, it's secure, it's the getSoapy way.

With getSoapy, communication has never been smoother. Automatic SMS or email notifications ensure your customers are always in the loop about scheduled or completed jobs. Plus, with two-way messaging, you'll be connecting with your customers like never before. It's not just about management; it's about growing your business with getSoapy.

Safe and secure customer data
Track upcoming jobs with ease
Monitor customer balance
Automated SMS and email notifications
Two-way messaging with the Customer Portal

Unlock simplicity with getSoapy's customer payment system. Accept Direct Debits, credit and debit cards, Apple Pay, and Google Pay with ease. Even better, getSoapy can automatically handle payments and track customer transactions if they pay by bank transfer. Simple, isn't it? And guess what, no extra services are needed, everything is right here in getSoapy!

Worried about fees or security? Don't be. With getSoapy, you enjoy the luxury of no setup or monthly fees and low payment processing charges. Your payments are transferred to your bank account automatically when the payout threshold is met. Plus, getSoapy uses industry-leading security standards, so you can rest assured your data is safe.

Handle multiple payment methods
Manage payments easily
Auto-reconciliation of bank transfers
No setup or monthly fees
Industry-leading security

Makes scheduling jobs a breeze with getSoapy.
Track every job, see which are due, and schedule them with ease.

Want maximum efficieny with minimum effort?
Let getSoapy efficient plan an entire week's work in seconds. Simply set your working hours and let getSoapy take care of all the hard planning. Automatically fit in your customers prefered time, plan arround traffic conditions, and even consider the weather.

Want complete control over your work?
Group your work into rounds and let getSoapy automatically optimise your routes. You'll see at a glance which rounds are due and can schedule them in a single tap, giving you more time for the tasks that matter.

View and schedule upcoming tasks
Organize work into efficient rounds
One-tap week planning (Plus plan)
Reliable customer ETAs
Door-to-door directions for every job

Professional website

getSoapy offers a simple way to get your business online. No technical knowledge needed! Just pick a theme, slap on some images and text, and voila! You've got a website. It's fast, stable, and secure, providing your customers with a great online experience.

The best part? It's totally free. And of course it cames with all of getSoapy best features built right in: quotes, payments, and the customer portal. So your customers can do everything they need on your website. Let getSoapy help you make your business stand out online.

Customise your website with ease
Absolutely free of charge
Quotes, payments, and customer portal built in
Pick from various themes to match your business vibe
Fast, stable, and secure!

Unlock growth with getSoapy's Leads Marketplace. Buy window cleaning leads in your area, tailored to your business needs. The cost of a lead depends on whether it's for a single or recurring clean, the size of the property, and the lead's age. So what you pay matches the value the lead can bring to your business.

And there's more. Had a quote request you don't want? Sell it in the marketplace and replace it was a lead you do want.

And with getSoapy, you always know what you're buying. Check the lead details before making your move. Grow your business in a simple, efficient way with getSoapy.

Buy local window cleaning leads
Turn on automatic lead generation
See lead details before buying
Sell unwanted quotes
Flexible pricing based on lead details

Embrace the smart way to manage your expenses with getSoapy! Keep track of every penny that goes into your business with just a few taps. No more misplaced receipts or forgotten expenses, everything is recorded right in getSoapy. It's as simple as snapping a photo of a receipt and letting our AI do the rest. This saves you time and ensures all expenses are accurately logged, giving you a clearer financial picture and reducing your tax bill.

And it doesn't stop there! getSoapy allows you to group your expenses into different accounts and categories. You can now streamline your financial workflow and keep everything organised with ease. Take back control of your business's financial health and unlock better decision making with a clear view of your expenses. Remember, getSoapy is here to make your business thrive.

Keep track of all business expenses
Minimise your tax bill
Image capture of all receipts
AI for automatic receipt detail extraction
Expense categorisation and account grouping

So simple to use

Great, simple and easy to use. The payment options for customers is a really good feature - i.e Apple Pay Malcolm has been really easy to speak to whilst setting up and communicates really well. The A.I feature is really cool too!

Daryl Budd
July 2024

Love the app

Love the app, it does everything you need to run a successful business. The support is also really good! Any questions you have they answer that day, or will take a phone call.

Highly recommended !!

Jack, The Ultimate Clean
June 2024

Great app

Great app, makes running my business a lot easier.

Stuart Gallon
April 2024

Made my life so much easier

Recently started using getSoapy after swapping over from squeegee.
It has everything squeegee has but more simplified Malcolm is very responsive and is great to chat too for any questions or issues. Made my life so much easier day to day using this app couldn't recommend it any more

Ethan Call
March 2024

Great product

Great product, reasonably priced, gets new features often and makes life easier. I highly recommend getSoapy for window cleaners and exterior cleaning businesses

William Hewitt
March 2024

Excellent app

Excellent app. Has everything I need to help run my window cleaning business.

Highly recommended

James Groome
September 2023

I wish I'd signed up sooner!

GetSoapy is a great way to manage your cleaning business!
I love how it helps me to keep track of my work load and I can look after customers in a much more professional way.
It's really helping my business grow.
I wish I'd signed up sooner

Ashley MacKintosh
June 2023

This app is amazing

This app is amazing it's simple to use and has got so many good features

Mark Westley

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