How do I set up my free website?

You can set up a free website to advertise your business and services, all from the getSoapy app.

Set up

To set up your free getSoapy website:

  1. Go to More > Website > Setup your free website.

  2. Under 'Website type', select Free getSoapy website.

  3. Under 'Subdomain' enter the web address you'd like to use. This can be your business name, or something shorter.

  1. Click Save.

Believe it or not, you're done! getSoapy will auto-populate your website with:

See how your website is looking by entering the web address you entered under 'Subdomain'. It will look something like:

You can also:

Change your website theme

Go to More > Website > Change theme to see what other themes are available.

You can also select a different theme colour. Click Save to apply your changes.

Add or edit your website content

getSoapy auto-populates your website with your details and services. Go to More > Website > Update Content where you can:

  • add text to the 'About' section of your website (next to the 'Request a quote' button)
  • add images to the 'About' section of your website
  • configure what details are displayed in the footer of your website

View your website stats

If you've set up your getSoapy website, you can view your website stats from the getSoapy app. Go to More > Website > Stats to see:

  • how many unique visitors viewed your website today/this month
  • how many page views your website received today/this month
  • a graph showing how many page views your website received for the past seven days

Delete my free website

If you need to take your free getSoapy website down (for instance, if you've created your own website):

  1. Go to More > Website > Change website type.

  2. Select No website and click Save.