How do I send a broadcast?

Just like WhatsApp broadcast lists, the broadcast feature in getSoapy allows you to send the same message to several or all of your customers. It's perfect for letting your customers know about new services, important updates to your business, or letting them know you have some last-minute availability.

To create and send a new broadcast:

  1. Go to More > Customers > Broadcasts.

  2. Click the + icon in the top-right corner.

Add broadcast

  1. In the Add Broadcast form:
  • enter a Title. This is for your reference and is what you'll see on your broadcasts page
  • select a Purpose. Make sure you select the correct option so that your broadcast can reach the right customers
  • select how you want the broadcast to be sent under Send using
  1. Click Add.

  2. You'll be directed to a new page. Select the Customers tab and then click Select Customers.

  3. If you want to send this broadcast to all your customers (besides archived customers or customers who have opted out) click Update. To only send the broadcast to certain customers, expand the drop-down menus and select customers based on their details or jobs, then click Update. The customer list will be updated to include all the customers that match your selected criteria.

  4. Next, select the Template tab to compose your message. See our tips below on editing email and SMS messages. When you're done, scroll down and click Save to apply your changes.

  5. Now that you've composed your message and selected which customers you want to send it to, select the Details tab.

  6. Confirm the details on this page are correct. You can still edit the customers and message template if you need to. When you're ready, click Send.

Editing email message templates

Some say the email subject line is the most important sentence of the entire email. You can edit yours here and use the tag menu to insert other tags (auto-populated text).

Email message subject line

Now for the body of the email. You can edit the text and use the text editor to:

  • insert other tags (see What are tags?)
  • make text bold
  • make text italic
  • insert emojis
  • insert hyperlinks
  • use the style drop-down menu to add headings or paragraph text
  • change the text size

Email message body text editor

Editing SMS message templates

You can edit the text using the text editor and use the tag menu to insert other tags (auto-populated text).

SMS message text editor