How do I add a job?

There are two ways to add a job in getSoapy:

Create a job from a quote

  1. Go to Manage > Quotes and select the quote you want to convert to a job.

  2. Click on the menu icon in the top-right corner and select Convert to customer.

Quote menu

  1. Select from the options in the Convert to customer form.
  • Select an option under Jobs to create (required). There may be more than one option if you've provided a simple estimate and/or cost breakdown. You can also select Quote to schedule a visit to provide a quotation using the job and scheduling functions.

  • Add the job to a Round using the drop-down menu (optional).
  • Toggle Close quote to remove it from the quotes page (optional). Closed quotes can still be found using the quotes filter.
  1. Click Convert to customer to add the quote as a new customer and create the job.

Manually add a job to a customer

  1. Go to Manage > Customers and select the customer you want to add a job to.

  1. Select the Jobs tab below the customer's details.

Customer Jobs tab

  1. Click Add a job.

  1. Enter the job details into the Edit form.

  • Enter a job Title (optional). This is for your reference only and helps to distinguish multiple jobs for the same customer.
  • Select a Service (required). You can select multiple services if necessary. You can also select + Add more services if you need to add a new service.
  • Select the Frequency from the drop-down menu (optional). If this is a recurring job, select the number of 'Weeks', 'Months', or 'Years' between jobs to let getSoapy know when to schedule future jobs.
  • Toggle Advanced Scheduling if the job should only be scheduled on certain days, weeks, or between specific times (optional). This can help if a property can only be accessed on certain days or if parking restrictions apply at certain times.
  • Add the job to a Round using the drop-down menu (optional).
  • Enter a lump sum in the Cost field (optional) or leave it blank if you want to add a cost breakdown later.
  • Select a Duration for the job to help with scheduling (optional).
  • Enter any Notes for your personal reference (optional).
  1. Click Submit to save the job and add it to the selected customer.