Importing existing customer data

Importing existing customer data is quick and easy, whether it's from another platform like Squeegee or Cleaner Planner, or from a spreadsheet.

The first step is to collect the data you want to import, then import it into getSoapy.

Collecting your data

If you're importing from another platform you'll need to export your data in the best format. You'll need to export the data as a single CSV file, which should include all the customer details (name, address, phone number etc.) and the details about their job (frequency, cost, etc.). It doesn't matter what order these columns are in.

If you're importing from a spreadsheet you'll need to export it as a CSV file (using the default settings should be fine).

If you aren't able to get your data in the right format, you can always drop us a message in the app and we'll help you out.

To export work from Squeegee go to the Reporting section then select “All job data”, and download the CSV. Select CSV when creating the import in getSoapy.

If you're importing work from Cleaner Planner and have a single 'Jobs.csv' which includes the customers details should select 'CSV' when creating the import in getSoapy. If you have multiple CSVs (e.g. Customers.csv, Jobs.csv) select 'Cleaner Planner' when creating the import.

Importing your data

Once you've got your data in the right format, you can import it into getSoapy.

Before you start, you should check which customer notifications are turned on. If you leave these on, particularly the 'Welcome' message, all the customers you import may be sent a message.

Once you're ready to import your data, in the getSoapy app go to Settings > Import Customers. Select 'New customer import' and select CSV. Select the file you'd like to import and tap next.

You'll have two options for how you'd like to import your data - manual, or automatic. We recommend you select automatic.

If you select manual you'll be asked to choose how you'd like each field in your CSV to be used, but if you select automatic getSoapy will use AI to assess each piece of data and automatically convert it over to getSoapy.

Once the import is complete you'll be able to see a summary of the results. It might take a few more minutes for all the data to be visible, but if anything doesn't look right you can always drop us a message in the app and we'll help you out.

You can also download a file with any customers we weren't able to import, so you can fix any issues and try again.