How do I view and edit customers?

To view or edit customers, go to Manage > Customers. Here you can view the customer's name, address, and balance at a glance.

Click on a customer to view:

The following additional details are displayed on the customer page:

  • a map showing the customer address
  • ONS reference and distance from your business address (as the crow flies)
  • the customer's phone number (click to call)
  • the customer's email address (click to email)
  • the customer's balance
  • the customer's annual value

Customer details

Customer menu

Click the menu icon in the top-right corner of the customer page to access the following options:

  • Add external payment
  • Charge customer
  • Edit balance
  • Edit customer to edit the name, type, contact details, or address
  • Communications to edit customer communication preferences (such as promotional broadcasts)
  • Add loyalty card to let customers collect points and automatically redeem them for discounts on other jobs (see How do I add a customer loyalty card?)
  • View customer portal to view what the customer can see in the getSoapy customer portal
  • View PIN to view or change the customer's portal ID and PIN
  • Archive customer

Customer menu

Customer Finances tab

By default, the Finances tab on the customer page displays a history of customer invoices and their status (outstanding or paid) and loyalty cards.

Customer finances

You can also:

  • select Show payments & adjustments to view all changes to the customer's balance
  • click the menu icon to the right-hand side of an invoice to Download invoice in PDF format, Edit invoice, Delete invoice.

  • click the menu icon to the right-hand side of a loyalty card to Cancel loyalty card.

Customer Jobs tab

The Jobs tab on the customer page displays a summary of all jobs linked to the customer. Click the menu icon to the right-hand side of a job to manage the job or click Add a job to add a new job for the customer.

Customer jobs

Customer Messages tab

The Messages tab on the customer page displays a history of messages exchanged with the customer and automatic notifications sent to the customer. Toggle Show notification logs off to only view messages. For more information on notification logs, see What are notification logs?

To send a new message to the customer or reply to a message, write a message and click Reply.

Customer messages