How much do payments cost?

There is no fee to open a getSoapy account or ongoing monthly fees. You only pay fees for processing payments.

The processing fee for Direct Debits is 12p + 1%, with a minimum fee of 32p.

For example, the fee for a £10 or £20 payment would both be 32p, and the fee for a £30 payment would be 42p.

The processing fee for card payments is 27p + 1.5%.

There is an extra 0.4% free for payments made using premium cards (usually commercial cards), and a 1.5% extra fee for payments made using non EU or UK cards..

For example, the fee for a £10 payment is £0.42, a £20 payment is £0.57, and a £30 payment is 72p.

There is no fee for withdrawing your payments to your bank account.