How do I use the calendar view?

To access the Calendar view, go to Plan > Calendar. You'll mostly use the Calendar view to automatically schedule jobs (see How do I automatically schedule jobs?) but you'll also need to use it to review and confirm your schedule. Here are a few tips for navigating the Calendar view and its features.

Navigating the Calendar view

When you select the Calendar, it will display the Monday of the current week. Scroll up and down to view earlier or later times and scroll right to view the other days of the week.

The Calendar will be blank until jobs are scheduled. Jobs that have been tentatively scheduled (but not confirmed) using the automatic scheduling feature will be shown in light blue.

Tentative job

Jobs that have been scheduled manually, or using the automatic scheduling feature and confirmed, will be shown in dark blue. Only confirmed jobs will be shown in the Work view.

Confirmed job

Date picker
Click the calendar icon in the top-right corner to select another week.
Zoom in and out
Use the zoom options in the bottom-right corner to zoom in and out. On most mobiles you'll find it helpful to zoom out and view more days at a time.

Review and confirm a single day

If you've used the automatic scheduling feature, you'll need to review and confirm all the tentative jobs.

Tap on a job to view all the details you need when reviewing your schedule: the address, weather forecast, scheduled time, duration, job cost, any notes about the job, and customer balance. You can also tap Reschedule to manually reschedule the job for another day and time or click Customer to view the customer page.

Click on the menu icon to the right of a day to access the following options:

  • Select Confirm schedule to confirm all tentative jobs for the selected day
  • Select Mark jobs as done to mark all jobs as done for the selected day and generate invoices and take payment if a customer has added an automatic payment method
  • Select Replan day to use the automatic scheduling feature to replan your day. This option is helpful if any jobs have been skipped or added, or if you need to change your start and finish times

Confirm jobs

Review and confirm an entire week

To confirm all the tentative jobs for an entire week, click Confirm in the bottom-right corner.

Confirm jobs