How do I add a customer loyalty card?

Not only are loyalty cards a great way to increase customer loyalty (who doesn't love getting something for free), they're also a fantastic way to help sell customers additional services they might be reluctant to pay for. Check out our YouTube video where we talk through some of the best ways to use loyalty cards.

With a loyalty card, a customer collects a point each time one of their jobs is marked as done. Their points are automatically redeemed for a free job, a cash discount, or a percent discount.

Loyalty cards are linked to a specific job, and can be redeemed on the same job or another of their jobs. You can add multiple loyalty cards to the same customer.

Add a loyalty card to a customer

  1. Select the customer from Manage > Customers.

  1. Click the menu icon in the top-right corner and select Add loyalty card.

  2. In the Add loyalty card form:

  • select the Crediting Job
  • select the Redeeming Job
  • enter the Required points for the loyalty card to be redeemed. One point is added each time the job is completed so if this is a monthly job, you might want to enter "11" so the customer gets a discount on their last job of the year.
  • select the Reward type. If you select Cash discount or Percent discount, you'll also need to enter the Reward value
  • toggle Automatically replace if you want to give your customer another loyalty card once this card is redeemed
  1. Click Add to add the card and let the customer start collecting points.

View or cancel a loyalty card

To view a customer's loyalty card(s), go to the Finances tab on the customer page. From here you see:

  • if a customer has a loyalty card
  • how many points are required for the card to be redeemed (indicated by the number of circles)
  • how many points have been collected (indicated by the number of blue ticks)
  • which job the card will be redeemed against, and the reward type (free job, cash discount, or percent discount)

Customer finances tab

To cancel a loyalty card, click the menu icon to the right-hand side of the loyalty card in the Finances tab and select Cancel loyalty card.