Customers in getSoapy

It all starts with customers! Here's an overview of how the customer feature works and how it interacts with other features in getSoapy.


You don't need to add a customer to send a quote.


A customer is associated with a single address. This is the location where any jobs are carried out and is used when automatically scheduling work. If a customer (individual or business) has multiple addresses, you'll need to create a customer entry for each address.


You need to add a customer to create a job. You can add multiple jobs to the same customer (e.g., window cleaning every month, and gutter cleaning once a year).


Rounds are not associated with customers. Rounds are associated with jobs.

Customer balance

The customer balance is displayed in the customer list and on the customer record. The balance is automatically updated when a job is marked as done, when you charge a customer, when a customer makes a payment, and when you add an external payment. A red balance indicates the customer owes money for completed jobs and a green balance indicates their account is in credit.

Messages and notifications

One of the best features of getSoapy is the messaging and automatic notifications features. You can send messages to customers via SMS, email, or the getSoapy customer portal. You can also configure automatic notifications based on job statuses and other things.

Customer portal

If you've upgraded to the Standard or Pro plan, you'll be able to add the getSoapy customer portal to your website where customers can view their jobs, invoices, and balance, make online payments, and communicate with you.

What's next?

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