How do I automatically schedule jobs?

Ready to save time and make the most of your workday?

  1. Go to Plan > Calendar.

  2. Click the calendar icon in the top-right corner and select the week you want to schedule.

Select a week

  1. Click Plan in the bottom-right corner.

Calendar tools

  1. In the Plan your week form:
  • select which Jobs to include
  • toggle Spread jobs to keep all your workers busy throughout the week, or leave it to pack the work into the fewest days and workers possible
  • select your working days and hours and how long you want for a break
  • leave the Confirm scheduled jobs toggle as it is to be able to review the schedule before confirming and notifying customers. Toggle the option to confirm the schedule now.
  • if you selected Confirm scheduled jobs you can toggle Limit which actions are triggered if you don't want to send a notification to the customers
  1. Click Fill week.

  2. Give us a minute or two, and getSoapy will confirm if any jobs couldn't be scheduled or fit into your working hours.