How do I view reports?

Who doesn't love a good bar chart?! Go to More > My Business > Reports to view:


Click on Overview to view:

  • Jobs done vs Invoices
  • Invoices paid / outstanding
  • Customer balances (the total number and combined balances of customers in credit and debit)
  • Recurring value (the combined monthly and annual recurring values of all customers (see What is annual value?))

Or drill down to Jobs, Rounds, Payments, or Expenses.

Click the menu icon in the top-right corner to select a different date range, and in some cases, what data you want to view.

Chart options icon

In the top-right corner of some reports, select between viewing the report as a bar chart, pie chart, or table.

Chart options icon

Download your data

You can export and download your customer data, job history, payment data, and expense data here.