How do I customise my invoices and quotes?

When you generate an invoice, quote, or itemisation in getSoapy, a PDF document is created. Customers can view these documents via the customer portal.

getSoapy customises these documents for you, using your logo, business name, tagline, and address entered in More > My Business > Business Details. You can edit the text that appears on these documents and add images or links to your business documents by following the steps below:

  1. Go to More > Customers > Document templates.

  2. Select the document you want to customise (Invoice, Quote, or Itemisation).

  3. See our tips below on editing these documents. When you're done, scroll down and click Save to apply your changes.

Items in grey are automatically pulling text or images from elsewhere in getSoapy. Tap on the question mark (?) for more info.

Document template logo

The header and footer of each document has default text and uses tags to auto-populate these documents with the customer's name and a link to the customer portal. You can edit the text and use the text editor to:

  • insert other tags (see What are tags?)
  • insert images
  • make text bold
  • make text italic
  • insert emojis
  • insert hyperlinks
  • use the style drop-down menu to add headings or paragraph text

Document template text editor