Bank Reconciliation

Bank reconciliation is a convenient way to ensure that your bank account transactions match with your getSoapy account. With bank reconciliation, payments made by customers via bank transfers can be automatically applied to the correct invoice.

To start using bank reconciliation, you need to have a bank account connected to your getSoapy account. You can connect your bank account by going to Settings in the getSoapy app and selecting 'Bank Reconciliation' under Payments. From there, select 'Add a connection' and search for your bank provider. Our bank reconciliation provider, Nordigen, will guide you through the process of connecting your bank account, which does not give us access to your bank account or allow us to make payments, but only allows us to see your transactions.

Once your bank account is connected, we will periodically check for new transactions (about three times a day) and match them to customers using their unique ID (visible on the customer portal) or their postcode and street number. If a payment cannot be matched automatically, you can manually match it to a customer. As you manually match transactions, we will learn which transactions belong to which customers and automatically match them in the future.

To view your bank transactions, go to Payments in the main menu and select 'Bank Transactions' in the menu on that page. If it takes a few hours before transactions show up, don't worry.