User Roles

In getSoapy, there are different user roles. Each role gives a user different abilities.

Owner Role

The 'Owner' is the person who made the account. There's only ever one owner. There are certain things only the owner can do.

  • Add and remove users
  • Change the subscription plan
  • See the account balance
  • Request payouts or top up the balance
  • Change the payment method
  • Setup to receive payments from customers
  • Export all customer data

Manager Role

Users with this role can do most things in your account.

The things they can do are:

Business details

  • Edit the business details (name, address, etc.)


  • Manage services
  • Manage pricing categories
  • Manage rounds


  • Manage customers, jobs, and invoices
  • Read and send customers messages
  • Charge customers saved payment methods
  • Import customer data
  • Manage notifications customers receive


  • Manage connected bank accounts
  • Match bank transactions to customers
  • Export payment data
  • Change payment settings


  • Create and manage quotes
  • Manage notifications quotes receive


  • Purchase leads in the marketplace
  • Manage lead generation


  • Edit your getSoapy website or 3rd party website settings

Worker Role

Lastly, we have the 'Worker' role, which have very limited access.

  • See the work assigned to them
  • Mark jobs as done or skipped

When a Worker marks a job as done and the customer has a payment method saved, the payment method will be charged.