Scheduling and completing rounds

Rounds allow you to easily schedule and complete groups of jobs in a single action. It's important to remember that you're using rounds as a convenient way to schedule the jobs within the round, not the round itself.

On the rounds page there's a card with the list of jobs, and a menu which includes options to 'Schedule' and 'Mark as done'.

When you select 'Schedule' you'll have the option to select the date you'd like to schedule the jobs for, and a list of job statuses to include such as 'Due', 'Overdue' and 'Late'. This allows you to only schedule jobs in the round which are due, and not schedule jobs which are not due. For example, if you have a round which includes jobs on both a 4 and 8 week schedule.

Once you've completed the jobs, you can mark the round as done in very much the same way. Simple select 'Mark as done' from the menu, and which job statuses to include. You can also select a day to mark them as done one, but this defaults to today.