How to record an expense

To record an expense select Expenses in the main menu.

If you haven't already, you might want to first add an Account and a Category to add the expense to (see 'What is expense tracking' for more info). You can add an expense in two ways - snap a picture or upload a document, or enter the details manually.

To scan a receipt select 'Upload expense', if your device has a camera you can take a picture of the receipt, or upload a document from your device. Our system will keep the image in case you need it again later, and will automatically extract the date, amount, and vendor from the receipt. You can correct anything it misreads.

To enter an expense manually select 'Add expense'. You can enter the date, amount, vendor, and items. You can also add a category and account to the expense.

Once you save the expense, it will be added to the list of expenses. You can edit the expense by selecting 'Edit' on the expense row.