Understanding customers in getSoapy

Customer Address and Jobs

In getSoapy, each customer is associated with one address. This is the location where all the jobs will be carried out. A customer can have multiple jobs linked to their account. For example, they might ask for window cleaning one month and driveway cleaning the next. All these jobs will be kept track of under their account.

Customer Balance

Every customer has a balance on their account. This balance can go up or down. When a customer makes a payment for a job, their balance goes up. This means they have more money in their account.

When a job is finished and marked as done, the balance goes down. This is because the cost of the job is taken from the balance. The balance keeps track of how much money the customer has spent and how much they have left.

Customer Portal (Basic and Plus plans)

If you're using the Basic or Plus plan of getSoapy, your customers can use the customer portal. The portal is a handy place where customers can check details about their jobs, their balance, their invoices, and send you messages.

Through the portal, customers can see what jobs they have scheduled, how much they have spent, their unpaid and paid invoices, and they can also get in touch with you easily. It's a great tool for keeping everything in one place and for quick communication.

Automatic Notifications

One of the best features of getSoapy is that customers can be sent automatic notifications. When a job is scheduled, they will get a message telling them when it will happen. This means they will always know when to expect you.

Once a job is done, another notification will be sent. This means customers are always kept up to date about what is happening. The notifications make sure that customers are informed and happy with the service.