Your Balance Explained

Your balance reflects the money and credits available in your account.

This is income from payments which have cleared, minus any spending such as ad campaigns. It is available for payout into your bank account.
Retained Balance
The field will only display if the value is not zero. The retained balance holds funds manually paid into your account or any deficit in your account from spending (e.g. lead generation).
Payout Threshold
Once your payable balance reaches this threshold the balance will be sent. Payouts will be made at most once per day.
Payments pending
This balance reflects completed payments which have not yet cleared. The money from each payment will be cleared for payout 7 days after the payment is completed.
SMS Credits
The number of SMS credits you have available. If you run out we'll continue to send your customers messages and these will be deducted from your next topup.
Lead Credits
Each lead credit allows you to purchase a lead from the marketplace and can be used for lead generation. To purchase more lead credits and start lead generation goto 'Lead Marketplace' in the main menu.
Payment Card
If your balance becomes negative your payment method will be used to top up your account.