How do I add a cash payment to a customer/job?

We get it, some people still pay with cash! If you receive a cash payment, you can:

Add a cash payment to a job

  1. Select the job from the Work or Jobs tab.
  1. Click Mark as done.

Mark as done

  1. Select Add cash payment and enter the Cash amount received. The Cash amount can be different to the job cost. The cash payment is added to the customer's balance.

Mark job as done form

  1. Click Done to mark the job as done and update the customer's balance.

Add a cash payment to a customer

  1. Select the customer from Manage > Customers.

  1. Click the menu icon in the top-right corner and select Add cash payment.

Customer menu

  1. Enter the Amount received.

Add cash

  1. Click Add to add the cash payment to the customer's balance.