Why a Quality Website is Essential for a Window Cleaner

Posted by getSoapy on 30th May 2021 in Building Your Business. Last updated: 30th May 2021

Like every modern business, technology is fundamental to their success. As a business owner, it is crucial that you set up and maintain a great website. Without this piece of your business in place, it will be difficult to achieve everything you are capable of. Of course, many window cleaners do not choose to have a website.

There are other ways of spreading the word about your services, however none are as effective as a great website at drawing in customers. In this article we are going to explore some of the reasons why a website can be such a transformative tool for your window cleaning business.

Draw in New Customers

getsoapyfreewindowcleanerwebsiteoniphoneWhen you first set up a window cleaning service, you will undoubtedly be looking to advertise your services to new customers. There are a multitude of ways to let people in your area know about your business. These include placing adverts in local publications and canvassing door to door. However, these methods often take more time and money than you can afford to spend on them.

Instead, you need a cheap method of displaying information about the services you offer that won't require much time to maintain. This is where a quality website can help you. By investing a small amount of time into creating a great website, the website will help with lead generation. People who look at your website can see exactly what you offer and can then contact you about becoming a customer. In effect, the website can help you drum up business without you having to do anything!

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First Impressions Count

The more engaging and appealing your website, the more people will be interested in your services. This is why it is just as important to maintain and update your website as it is to have it in the first place. Your website is often the first place people go to find out more about your window cleaning business. In a world where first impressions are everything, the importance of a sharp, modern website cannot be understated. Nowadays there are many ways to create a great website with very little knowledge about the intricacies of computers required.

The majority of your competitors will have a website. Therefore, making yours stand out from the crowd can be an excellent way to get ahead of the competition. The ideal situation is that every person who visits your website is convinced that they need to use your services. While this is obviously unlikely, there are some elements you can add on your website to help towards that goal. Displaying all your services with clear pricing is crucial, so people know exactly what you offer and how much you charge. You will also want to make sure you have some really high-quality photographs on your website to best show off the results you can give customers.

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Stand Out from the Crowd

While lots of your competitors may also have websites, some won't. Instead, they will only be listed in directories. Here, you cannot list the detailed information about services you offer, so it is impossible for someone to know how you differ from another window cleaner. A website of your own gives you the chance to market your business to potential customers. It provides you with the opportunity to explain to people why they should choose you, implying why you are better than any other window cleaner.

For example, if you offer special discounts for regular customers display that on your website. You want to give people every reason to book you rather than someone else. Additionally, people like to see that websites are up to date, as this shows a level of competence. A website is a very easy thing to update monthly or quarterly. Simply posting about your "summer offers" or a "spring-clean special" you will reassure customers that your business is fresh and modern - appealing traits for a business. This unique selling point could give you the edge over your competitors.

Help Customers Contact You

getsoapycleandevicequotepageAs a small business owner, it can be tricky to take phone calls or keep on top of messages from other customers while you're working. This can result on you missing out on business, costing you money. A website can help you with this. There are various ways in which you can allow customers to contact you via your website.

Obviously, you will have your traditional contact details on there, such as your telephone number and email address. But on top of that you can choose to integrate a messaging service into your website. This will allow people to get in touch with you in a way that you are in direct control of. You can easily and quickly respond to enquiries from potential clients, improving your response time. Simply doing this can boost people's opinion of how professional you are.

Additionally, you can include an FAQ section on your website to answer common questions. This can reduce the time you have to spend replying to questions, allowing you to get on with your job and make more money.

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Simplify Bills, Invoices and Payments

One part of websites that many businesses now rely heavily on is using them to take payments from customers. On your website you can allow customers to easily pay for your services. You can allow people to customise exactly the service they require, for example how many windows they will need cleaning. Then, depending on the service they need, you can give them a quote. Additionally, you can integrate a calendar into your website so people can choose an available time slot for you to do their work. Once the price, date, and time have been agreed upon the customer can pay in advance for the service, ensuring you get paid and you know exactly what they want. This takes away the complexities of paper bills and invoices, as well as the annoyance of chasing people up for payment after you have completed the job.

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Final Thoughts

As you can see, there are a multitude of reasons why having a great website is advantageous for your window cleaning business. From creating a good first impression, to taking payments quickly and easily, a website can be a great asset for your business. What is also evident is the need to keep your website up to date to help you to continue to appeal to new customers. With a super website behind you, there are no limits to what you can achieve with your window cleaning business!

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