Finding Your Perfect Fit with getSoapy Plans

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Discover the right getSoapy plan that aligns with your unique business needs and watch your business thrive! Read more...

Use your own domain with your free getSoapy website

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Upgrade your site from "" to "" with our Plus plan. Professionalise your brand in a snap! Read more...

Data Security and Safety in Exterior Cleaning: Why It Matters

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In the fast-paced world of exterior cleaning, customer data is the compass guiding businesses towards tailored services and growth opportunities. As the industry evolves, ensuring this data's security and safety isn't just best practice—it's the bedrock of trust and efficient operations. Read more...

Try the Exterior Cleaning Business Health Check

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Discover the power of getSoapy's Exterior Cleaning Business Health Check, designed in collaboration with industry expert A.E. Mackintosh.

Answer simple questions, receive personalised scores in key business areas, and get practical tips to boost your business's efficiency and profitability.

Don't just juggle your responsibilities - master them!

Automatic Scheduling - Where We're Going, We Don't Need Rounds

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Stop going round in circles with inefficient rounds. Your work schedule should be flexible and adaptable and let you efficiently meet your customers' needs - without taking forever to manage. Read more...

Getting started with getSoapy just got easier

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At getSoapy, we're constantly striving to make it easier for our users to manage and grow their exterior cleaning businesses. That's why we're thrilled to announce our new onboarding process, designed to make account setup a breeze. Read more...

Import your customer data to getSoapy

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Importing your customer data to getSoapy means you can be up and running in no time.

You can import your data from other platforms such as Squeegee or Cleaner Planner, or from your own spreadsheet Read more...

Get started in 15 minutes - New Account Set Up Video

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To help every new user get at off to a great start, we've put together a walkthrough video that will walk you through setting up your getSoapy account. It covers everything from accepting Direct Debit to customising your invoices and optimising your rounds. Read more...

November Feature Drop 💥


We've been busy working on new features and improvements to make your life easier. Here's what's new in November. Read more...

Customers, Rounds and Direct Debit are now live 🥳

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We've released some new features that we think you'll love - Customers, Rounds, Direct Debits, and more! Read more...

Exterior Cleaning Business Health Check

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We've teamed up with Ashley Mackintosh to create the Exterior Cleaning Business Health Check.

This simple multi-choice questionnaire will help you assess your business and identify weaknesses.

You'll get a free report with actionable tips on how to improve your business.

Take the Health Check

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