Use your own domain with your free getSoapy website

Posted by getSoapy on 30th August in Product Updates. Last updated: 30th August

Hello, dear entrepreneurs and business owners! GetSoapy has some fantastic updates to share. You can now pair a custom domain with your getSoapy website! Instead of "", you can proudly present "" to the world. This wonderful addition comes with our Plus plan.

Having a custom domain truly elevates the brand identity of your business. Every time clients or potential partners visit your website, they'll recognise the seriousness and commitment you have towards your enterprise.

For those new to getSoapy, let's take a moment to highlight what we bring to the table. Simplicity is our mantra. GetSoapy makes it incredibly easy to launch or expand your business. Don't believe us? With our user-friendly tools, you can swiftly set up a free website for window cleaners or any other small business. Pick a template, customise with your images and content, and your site is all set to captivate visitors.

What's more, if you're in the business of exterior cleaning, our customer management for exterior cleaners tools are a game-changer. These tools make the administrative side of things a breeze, allowing you to focus more on what you do best.

And speaking of smooth transactions, have you ever thought about how efficient it would be to accept direct debits as a small business? With getSoapy's Quote and Pay widgets, not only can you collect card payments, but also direct debits from your valued customers. And the perks don't stop there - zero monthly fees and extremely competitive transaction fees are on the menu.

In conclusion, getSoapy remains steadfast in delivering simple yet powerful solutions for business growth. The custom domain feature is another step in that direction. Dive in, experience the new features, and let your brand soar.

Exterior Cleaning Business Health Check

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We've teamed up with Ashley Mackintosh to create the Exterior Cleaning Business Health Check.

This simple multi-choice questionnaire will help you assess your business and identify weaknesses.

You'll get a free report with actionable tips on how to improve your business.

Take the Health Check

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