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Posted by getSoapy on 13th June 2021 in Building Your Business. Last updated: 13th June 2021

getsoapyfreewindowcleanerwebsiteoniphoneWhen starting a business, one of the aspects you will need to focus on polishing is your website. A website can really elevate a business, providing a source of information for your customers about what you offer. However, like any aspect of a business, merely the existence of a website will not necessarily benefit your business.

In fact, a poorly designed and badly maintained website can be detrimental, putting off potential customers. This is why it is so crucial that you know how to build a great website. For attracting new customers and increasing your profits, there is nothing better than a good website.

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Draw in New Customers

The main goal to have in mind when you design your website is to make it work as hard as possible for you. This means that it should make it easy for people to understand what you offer. Making this simple for people to understand will increase the chances of them becoming a customer. This metric is often referred to as lead conversion rate. Essentially, this is the proportion of people who visit your website and subsequently become a customer. Obviously, the more customers you have the better, so maximising your lead conversion rate is vital.

A good website will help you to optimise your lead conversion rate, drawing in customers without you needing to do anything! Aspects of your website that will help with this goal include clearly stating your services and their corresponding prices, and enabling people to request a quote. The simpler the process, the more people will take the time to request your services. This is why a clear and easy to navigate website is essential.

Make Paying Simple

iphonegetsoapypaymentsviewThe same can be said for taking payments. Generally, the easier you make it for people to pay you, the more inclined they will be to pay quickly. Lots of businesses enable customers to pay for goods or services through their website. With more and more people having access to the internet, online payments are becoming increasingly popular.

Online payments are, for most people, preferable to making payments over the phone or in person. Making the process quick and simple is an effective way of making sure people make the payment. A good website will enable this slick method of taking secure payments.

Looks Good on Any Device

Over the years, the devices that we use to browse the internet have diversified. Lots of people still use desktops, but more people are now using the internet on their smartphones. As a result, it is crucial that your website looks as good on a phone screen as it does on a traditional computer screen.

Lots of tools to help you build your website give you the option to see how your website will look when viewed on both mobile phones and tablets. This is very helpful for helping you to create a design that is aesthetically pleasing on all devices. Most importantly, all the content you post on your website must be visible on all devices.

differentdevicesontablePhotos should be high enough quality that they don't appear pixelated or blurred. Similarly, text ought to be big enough to be easily legible even on a small phone screen. Making all text, images and videos easy to see on every device will benefit your business. It will decrease the chances of people leaving your website before booking your services.

Additionally, all content should work smoothly on all devices. Lots of good websites use eye-catching movement of elements to make viewing the website more engaging. These movements should not distract from the content you want to get across to potential customers. If in doubt, simple is always better than over-complicated designs that make it hard to see the important information.

Answer FAQs

One of the best aspects of a good website is its ability to answer any questions customers may have. By enabling people to find answers to their questions on your website, you free up more of your time.

Most websites for businesses offering goods or services have an FAQ page. These questions might include "Do you cover my area?" and "How can I pay?". Through answering these frequently asked questions on your website, people don't have to phone or email you to find the answer to a question. Likewise, you don't have to spend time answering these questions over and over again. This frees up your time to do the work that makes you money.

Encourage Viewers to Choose You

Once your website has done the hard work of getting people interested in your business, make it simple for them to become a customer. A good website will have a 'call to action' on most pages.

A 'call to action' is usually something that encourages a person to make a purchase or request a quote. Displaying these at the end of sections telling people about your service can help to turn leads into customers. By placing these 'call to actions' across the whole website increases the chance of people choosing to pay for your service.

Take Orders and Special Requests

It is important that your website makes it easy to complete the next stage of the transaction. Most good websites use forms that customers fill in to place an order. This form can be used by the customer to note any particular details they feel you need to know.

getsoapycleandevicequotepageThis might include contact details, important information, or any special requests they might have. This process means customers do not need to phone or email you. Your website, containing this simple form, can be a great aid in managing bookings.

Final Thoughts

By taking note of these tips, you can work towards making your website work hard for you. A good website will always be a good investment, requiring little time and effort to maintain. Putting in the work to build it, or paying a professional to build it, is often an excellent business decision. There are few better ways for gaining new customers.

Think of your website like a colleague, constantly advertising your services and bringing you new custom. There are always ways we can improve the performance of our websites, so ensure to update your website regularly. This will make sure your website gives you a competitive edge, helping you to build your business.

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