What image should your window cleaning business project?

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When you set up your business, it is crucial that you consider how you want people to perceive it. The image your business portrays can make or break it, with a poor image leading to fewer people choosing to use your services. As a professional, it is vital that you ensure that some key traits are shown to your customers through every aspect of your business, including through every communication channel such as social media and face-to-face conversations with your customers.

Make it Personal

Window cleaning businesses vary, and therefore the image you want to portray may be very different to your competitor’s. In fact, this difference may be what you use to differentiate yourself from the competition and draw in more business. If you are the person that is the face of your business and who your customers interact with, the public image of your business should reflect the qualities that make you great at your job: an expert who is proud to provide a high-quality service with a personal touch.

Inspires customer appreciation
A business that has a personal approach is more likely to keep hold of customers. They feel personally valued to you as a person, rather than a being just a number to a big company. Small mistakes are more easily overlooked as they know you usually do a great job for them.

Improves customer loyalty
Knowing they are important to you as an individual can be very important for your business. Your customers’ loyalty can help to increase the number of referrals you get and means customers are more likely to stick with you if you raise your prices.

How to project a personal image

Use your own name in any marketing material and when speaking on the phone
Use a (flattering) picture of yourself in fliers and on your website
Don't use any prominent brand names

Put the company first

Alternatively, you may want to go down a different route, putting the business and brand ahead of your own personal attributes. By choosing this image, you take a backseat, allowing the reputation of your brand to do the talking for you.

Easier to scale your business
If customers expect someone with your business’ logo on their uniform, rather than you personally, it is easier to recruit new staff members. Instead of being disappointed to see you doing the work, your customers will be happy that someone representing your brand is there working for them. This allows you to take on more work, building your customer base and increasing your profits.

Gives you more freedom
If, at short notice, you have to switch rounds with someone else in your team, customers will be just as happy. If you did this and you had chosen a more personal image, customers would be likely to be upset at not having you do the work. A business image allows you more flexibility. As long as someone in your team turns up with a squeegee and does a good job your customers will be happy!

How to project a company image

Design a good company name and logo
Ensure the brand name is always prominent
Remember details like your bank account, which should be in the company name and not yours
Don't just introduce yourself by name, instead "Hi, I'm representing Specialist Window Cleaning, ..."

Show Your Expertise

An easy way to convince people that you are the right person for the job is by presenting yourself and your company as experts. Often, people are unwilling to pay for a professional to do a job they believe they can do themselves. By building your image around being an expert, people will understand why they should pay a little more for your services.

Charge more
If a customer believes they are getting a superior service, they will be willing to pay more for it. This helps you to keep customers while charging more than some of your competitors.

Take your time
Customers understand that you may take a little longer than other competitors because you ensure that the job is done to the highest standard. Taking pride in your work shows your customers you care, and this often means taking more time over a job.

How to project expertise in your brand

Show off any specialist equipment in all your marketing material
You van(s) and staff should be well presented and sparkling clean
Communicate with the customers promptly and politely
Don't allow poor customer service to tarnish the image

Don't cheapen yourself

When you’re first starting out building your business, it can be tempting to try to draw in customers with low prices. This can work in the short term, but it is vital you think more long term if you want your business to be a success. Here are some reasons why you might want to avoid pricing your services too low.

Higher price often indicates a better service
Often customers only really use the price of a service to decide which provider to use. While having a low price can get you some price conscious customers, others will assume that low prices mean you do a worse job than a pricier competitor. Set yourself apart from competitors by building an image that shows you do much more than the bare minimum, allowing you to charge more.

Be bold and start high
When you’re starting out, pricing your services at average rates can seem daunting, but it can often increase trust from customers that you know what you’re doing! It also means that you can afford not to raise your prices too soon, enabling you to build up loyal customers who will be happy to pay a little more when the time does come to increase your rates.

Ultimately, your business’ image is a personal choice, but there are aspects you can choose to amplify or hide depending on your long-term goals. Everyone will make different choices when it comes to this, but hopefully now you have some good ideas about how your image can best support your business’ success!

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