What customers expect from a Window Cleaner

Posted by getSoapy on 30th June 2021 in Building Your Business. Last updated: 10th June 2024

When starting up a local service business, a lot of planning is required. It is important to work out how you want to run the business. One of the key elements of this is how you will provide customers with everything they expect from you.

One essential tool is a local service business app which has all the essential features to help your business grow.

Whether you're an established business or just starting out, there are several useful topic we can focus on. Firstly, how will you effectively communicate with your customers to ensure they are satisfied with the attention they are getting from you? Secondly, how will you ensure you provide a reliable service? And finally, how will you make it convenient for clients to interact with you and pay for your service?

For window cleaners, these three things are vital for ensuring customers return to you. If you are just starting up your business, read this article to learn more about how you can fulfil the needs and expectations of your customers. By learning these tips, you will set you and your business up for success!


Every successful small business owner will tell you that good communication with your customers can be the difference between your venture succeeding or failing. In truth, it is nigh on impossible to run a successful business without good communication. As such, this is a key area you should look to optimise when starting out.

unhappycustomershoutingdownaphone jpegFirst impressions really do count when it comes to drawing in new customers. As a window cleaner, you will soon become accustomed to providing quotes to customers who shop around for the best deal. Often, the speed and attitude with which you reply to requests for quotes will matter more than the price you offer.

People are generally willing to pay more for a better service, and your initial communication with them will stick with them when they make their decision about who to use. Make that first impression count, and respond to queries quickly and politely to portray your business and yourself in the best light possible.

After someone has chosen to use your service, it is vital that your level of communication doesn't slip. In this fast-paced modern world, people expect instant feedback, especially from people they are paying for a service. Just as people like to be able to track deliveries in real-time, it is a good idea to have systems in place that alert your customers about when they can expect you.

The getSoapy job scheduling app for trades is a fantastic tool to help you work efficiently and automatically communicate with your customers using the customer portal.

This constant communication gives customers a sense of comfort that you are a professional person who will do a good job. Lots of people are used to window cleaners who are not as good at communicating with them. Often the narrowest time-frame given about when they can expect their window cleaner to arrive is "sometime in the next two weeks"! With all the technology we now have at our fingertips, this is no longer good enough. Set yourself apart from the crowd and make it easy for customers to contact you, and vice versa.

If you want to ensure your customer management for trades is up to scratch, you may want to use a tool such as getSoapy. getSoapy has a quoting tool that your customers (existing and potential) can use to see the status of their quote request. They can also get automatic updates by text and email to keep them right up to speed with your latest messages to them.


Another aspect of developing a successful window cleaning business is being reliable. Customers value reliability over almost any other aspect of your service and will often refrain from seeking out other competitors if you can keep this skill up.

A key component of being reliable is ensuring you stick to your schedule and honour all your appointments. Lots of people have experienced window cleaners who turn up whenever they like, rather than sticking to a schedule agreed with the customer.

This kind of behaviour is not at all professional and is likely to cause customers to look for someone more reliable to clean their windows. If you are planning a holiday, try to arrange for someone to fill in for you while you are away, or communicate with your customers so they aren't left wondering where you are.

Additionally, it is crucial that you always do a good job for your customers. Treat all customers equally, whether they have given you years of work, or are brand new. This attitude will pay off, with customers recognising your loyalty and dedication to delivering a great service.

Delivering a reliably good service will be noticed by your customers, who are likely to recommend you to friends, family and neighbours. Always aim to deliver your best service to every customer.


The third thing that customers look for from their window cleaner is convenience. Everyone has busy schedules, and people want to be able to pay for a service such as window cleaning easily.

iphonegetsoapypaymentsviewGone are the days of cash in hand or making complicated bank transactions. These have now been replaced by online payment options, made in advance for minimum disruption to your customers' days.

A great way to make payments easy for your customers is by using getSoapy. Using this, you can let customers pay by card or Apple/Google pay, and even send them convenient short links and QR codes.


Like every industry, the window cleaning business has to keep up with modern trends. Part of this is the expectation of a high-quality service, that can only be delivered if you dedicate attention to good communication, being reliable, and allowing for convenient booking and payments.

You can use the tools that getSoapy offers to help get ahead of the game, and give your customers exactly what they want from their window cleaner!

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