Three updates to help you gain more customers (and a bonus announcement)

Posted by getSoapy on 26th August 2022 in Product Updates. Last updated: 26th August 2022

We've released some fantastic updates recently, all designed to help grow your business.

Here are three highlights (and some bonus announcements) that explain how getSoapy can help you win more customers.

When a customer asks you to price a job, you need to give them two things. The first is the price, but second is the confidence to trust you with the job. How do you do that? Open and transparent pricing, professional communications, and a timely response. Here's how we can help with all three...

Detailed cost breakdowns

Giving the customer a single price might cut it for smaller jobs or if you're competing on price. If you offer a premium service it's important to show the customer what they're paying for.

This might be as simple as showing you've counted the windows. Or it might be a detailed measurement of a roof with a list of each chemical and tool you'll use.

With getSoapy you can quickly and easily create a detailed cost breakdown for a quote. You have complete control over the cost categories you add, but we'll do the maths for you.

Branded communications

Have you ever heard the phrase "it's not what you say, it how you say it"? This couldn't be more important when winning customers. The best exterior cleaner in the world won't win customers writing quotes on the back of envelopes.

All emails sent to customers from getSoapy are now branded with your company logo. You also have complete control over every message.

Improved home screen

The best measure of a productivity app is how little time you need to spend using it. We've revamped the 'today' screen in getSoapy to give you an instant overview of your business.

You'll now find a list of quotes you need to get back to, and all the payments you've received that day. You'll also see a list of leads for sale in your area.

Bonus announcements

As always, your feedback is what guides getSoapy into being the best way for exterior cleaners to run their business. One of the most common questions we get is "do you have an app?" We're pleased to say getSoapy will soon be in an app store near you 🥳

Fancy coming to say hi? We'll be sharing a stand at the cleaning expo with the one and only Ashley Mackintosh. Ashley has some exciting announcements of his own recently.

We've many more exciting announcements that we'll be ready to share soon. Don't miss our next announcements, follow us on social media, or sign up for a free getSoapy account today.

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