Quotes now have new frequency options - and maps!

Posted by getSoapy on 18th August in Product Updates . Last updated: 18th August


Today we updated quotes with two changes we think you'll love.

Cleaning Frequency

The options for customers to choose how often they'd like their windows cleaned now offers 'Every 4 weeks' and 'Every 8 weeks'. This is instead of the previous 'Monthly' and 'Every other month'.

Customer Map

We've also added a map to the quote info page. You can quickly switch between two views - one zoomed in on the customer's address, and one show both your address and your customer's. This makes it really easy to get a sense of where the customer is located.

What's next?

We're constantly making improvements to our products, big and small, based on customer feedback. If there's a change you'd like to see - let us know!

In association with A.E. Mackintosh

In association with
A.E. Mackintosh

With 25 years in exterior cleaning, Ashley is a recognised industry expert. His content has helped thousands of people start successful window cleaning businesses.

We've teamed up with Ashley to make getSoapy the perfect app for any local service business.

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