Automatic Scheduling - Where We're Going, We Don't Need Rounds

Posted by getSoapy on 10th March 2023 in Product Updates. Last updated: 10th March 2023

Stop going round in circles with inefficient rounds. Your work schedule should be flexible and adaptable and let you efficiently meet your customers' needs - without taking forever to manage.

We're super excited to announce our latest feature in early preview: automatic scheduling.

It's a game changer for exterior cleaners. It's the first time you can schedule your entire week with a single tap.

Let getSoapy bring order and automation to your schedule. Optimise your entire week with a single tap.

  • Respect customers' day and time preferences
  • Arrange your week for compact days
  • Plan the most efficient route each day
  • Consider predicted traffic when route planning
  • Prioritise overdue jobs
  • Give customers an ETA (if you want to)

With getSoapy you also get:

  • Customer management and portal
  • Automatic Direct Debits (with the lowest fees around)
  • Grow your round with the lead marketplace
  • Control your taxes with expense tracking
  • A free website, or
  • Add the Quote, Payment and Customer Portal to your existing website

Start your free trial today with the link below, and see how automatic scheduling can revolutionise your business.

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