Why choose getSoapy?

Ready where you are

Window cleaning isn't an office job, so the services you use shouldn't need an office, either.

Everything we do is designed to work perfectly on your mobile phone. Whether you want to reply to a quote, check your payments or update your website, everything should be available to you while you're out on the job.

To use getSoapy simply log in to app.getsoapy.com on any device.

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Keeping it simple

We focus on keeping everything as quick and simple as possible.

You might find our services less feature-rich and customisable than similar services. If you need those advanced features, we might not be the best choice for you. That's ok, we can still be friends.

Our goal is to minimize the time you spend using getSoapy.
The less time you spend using getSoapy, the more time you can spend actually cleaning windows (or putting your feet up at the end of the day).

Here to help

With our focus on simplicity, we don't expect you'll ever need to speak to our support. But if you do, we're ready for you.

Simply tap on the help icon, which is available everywhere in getSoapy. You'll find short, useful help guides relevant to the page you're on.

Our in-app chat lets you message us any time of day. We'll get back to you as soon as we can, which usually within an hour during the day.

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Free Trial

The best way to experience how getSoapy can help your business is to try it for yourself.

Start your free trial

  • 1 Month of Soapy+
  • 25 Lead Credits
  • 200 SMS Credits
  • No Card Required


Are there any contracts or minimum usage terms?

No. You can open a getSoapy account and use it as much or as little as you like. You'll only pay for services you actually use. You can close your account at any time.

How do I get started?

All of our services are designed to let you sign up and get going within minutes. Click here to sign up.

Can I try getSoapy for free?

Yes, you can use getSoapy for free, forever. You'll only incur costs if you use getSoapy to send SMS, receive payments or to purchase leads. Click here to sign up.

Will getSoapy work on my phone?

Almost certainly. getSoapy is designed to work on all reasonably modern smartphones.

Where is getSoapy based?

We are a small team based in Edinburgh, Scotland.

Who owns getSoapy?

getSoapy is an independent limited company owned by the founder. We don't have any other shareholders or parent companies.

When was getSoapy founded?

getSoapy was founded in March 2021.