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Power to Plan

With getSoapy, business planning has never been so easy. Get a clear view of upcoming jobs and schedule them individually.

Want more structure? Group your work into rounds. Our smart tech helps streamline the process by automatically optimising your routes. It's a cinch to see which rounds are due and schedule all the work at once. Efficiency just got a big boost.

See upcoming jobs individually
Group work into rounds
Automatic route optimisation
Schedule rounds with ease
manage window cleaning rounds

Calendar Control

Start your week on the front foot with getSoapy's Calendar View. This feature, exclusively available on the Plus plan, allows you to plan your entire week's work in a snap. With a single tap, you can line up your tasks for the week. Workdays become less hectic and more efficient, creating a better work rhythm.

But getSoapy Calendar View isn't just about planning. It also takes into account real-world problems like traffic and road closures. With these considerations, you can schedule tasks that accurately fit into your day. Plus, it allows you to give your customers accurate ETAs. So, with getSoapy, you're always ready to take on the week!

In a single tap, plan an entire week of work
Take into account traffic and road closures for work planning
Offer customers accurate ETAs when work is scheduled
Schedule work based on specific days' requirements
getsoapy app showing work planning calendar view

Your Trusty Sidekick

A better day starts with getSoapy's Work View.
It gives you a quick snapshot of your day's tasks.

As you work through your day, getSoapy guides you from one job to the next. Door-to-door directions guide you to your work locations, and the important job details are always at your fingertips.

Each day becomes smoother as you move from one task to another.

Get a fast look at your day's jobs
Follow door-to-door directions to your jobs
Move easily through your day, task by task
Know the important details for each job
Keep focused on what matters: your work!
getsoapy app showing work view

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