Automatic payments to revolutionise your window cleaning business

accept card and phone payments

Perfect payments

Everyone is accustomed to fast, convenient payments straight from their phone.
Why would your customers expect any less from you?

Delight your customers and get paid faster by offering them the most convenient payment service available.

Accept Apple and Google Pay
Accept credit and debit cards
Direct Debits
Easily add to any website
woman paying for window cleaning using apple pay
getsoapy payment options

No monthly fees.

There are no setup fees, monthly fees, or withdrawal fees. The only fee is for payments received, and it's the lowest in the industry.

All you need to get started is a website to add our payment widget tool (or use our free website which includes it out the box).

No setup fees
No monthly fees
Only pay for received payments

Save £225 a year

With the lowest fees in the industry, we leave more of your heard-earned cash in your pocket every day.

Let's say you clean 10 customers a day at £25 each, 5 days a week, 45 weeks a year. That's 2,250 payments totalling £56,250. You charge them all using Direct Debit.

You could save £225 a year with getSoapy.

getSoapy - £787.50
Save £225
GoCardless - £1,012.50
Direct Debit
getSoapy1% + 12p£0.37
GoCardless1% + 20p£0.45
Credit / debit card
getSoapy1.4% + 27p *£0.62
Wix2.1% + 20p£0.73
PayPal2.9% + 30p£1.03

Cost comparison of the fees for for a single £25 customer payment.

Security first 🔐

Payments are processed securely by Stripe, the industry leading payments platform.

Through our unique integration with payment processor Stripe it's possible to accept card and mobile payments directly on your website, without any compromise in security. All card details are sent directly to Stripe, keeping them 100% confidential.

We process payments and make them available for payout as soon as we can. Typically payments take 14 days to clear for new accounts, and 7 days once the account is established.

A iPhone showing an example of the getsoapy payments view

Free Trial

The best way to experience how getSoapy can help your business is to try it for yourself.

Start your free trial

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Will it work on my website?

Of course. It's super easy to add our quote and payment widgets to any existing website.

Do I need to buy a card reader?

No. Customers will pay on your website, so you don't need to buy a card reader or any other equipment.

What if I have problems or need support?

We know business can't wait, so all our customers get our best support.
If you ever need it, you'll find live chat available right inside the website.

What if I don't have a website?

We've got you covered. Check out our free websites.
Our quotation and payment widgets are built right in so you'll be up and running in no time.

What payment methods can my customers use?

Your customers can pay with Apple Pay, Google Pay and credit or debit cards (including American Express, Mastercard and Visa). Your customers can setup a BACS Direct Debit from any UK bank account which supports it.

What fees will I pay?

Fees will automatically be deducted from payments as they arrive.
For all European cards the fees are £0.27 + 1.4%, for non European cards the fees are £0.27 + 2.9%. For Direct Debits the fees are £0.12 + 1%.

When will I receive the money?

Your first payments may take 7-14 days to clear, but that time can reduce to the next business day once your account is established.
Payouts are automatically transferred to your bank once your balance has reached your payout threshold.

Are payments safe and secure?

Yes. Our payments are processed by Stripe who are certified to PCI Service Provider Level 1, the highest in the industry.
We only use secure connections for all our websites and apps, and all data is encrypted. We use UK data centres which are ISO 27001 accredited.