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getSoapy is the only app you need to manage and grow your local service business.

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Automate Your Local Service Business

Automatic payments

Collect payments effortlessly with and Direct Debits and automatic card payments

Customer management

Keep your customers loyal by giving them the best service with our Customer Portal

Work scheduling

Plan entire weeks efficiently with a single tap using our advanced optimisation software

Lead Marketplace

Buy and sell leads with our Marketplace to optimise your rounds


Get a website with our quote, customer portal and payment widgets built in - for free!

Expense Tracking

Take the pain out of expenses, let getSoapy automatically read and track every receipt

How can getSoapy make your business more efficient?

Try your best to work efficiently?
Schedule an entire weeks work as efficiently as possible in seconds
Tediously count up receipts?
Scan receipts in seconds and get a full breakdown of your business finances
Chase payments manually?
Charge customers automatically by card or Direct Debit
Expensive online payments?
Low cost card, mobile and Direct Debit payments right on your website
Tediously check for bank transfers?
Automatic bank reconciliation
Expensive website design and maintenance?
A free website that actually brings in customers
Scribbling notes when customers call you?
Keep customers happy and admin low with the Customer Portal
Turn away leads outside your patch?
Sell leads on the Marketplace and earn money for literally no work

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